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Vendor Management

Keep Track of Your Partners

Your voice and data communications solution may very well involve multiple carriers, as we search for the best combination of services and prices to suit your needs. And if dealing with one telecommunications giant can sometimes be confusing, tracking services from a list of carriers can be an overwhelming task.

Price Communications will maintain a database of information regarding your various service contracts. We will help you manage your list of contacts and get the most out of your service agreements. Our contacts in the industry will help you speak to the right people in a timely manner.


Know Your Inventory

Keeping track of your carrier associates also involves an inventory of all of the components involved in your communications solutions, from network equipment to dedicated T1 lines. When changes or additions to your services become necessary, Price Communications will help you understand what you already possess and what needs to be added.

Manage Your Orders

As your company’s needs grow, and the communications industry continues to develop new solutions, it is inevitable that you will require changes to your services. Price Communications can manage all of these changes, what the vendors call moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs). We will assess your needs, place and track the orders necessary to meet these needs and ensure that all changes are completed. As always, Price Communications will keep your bottom line in mind during all of your order management.


Get Your Trouble Tickets into the Right Hands

It’s inevitable – problems may arise with your communications systems. The key is to address those problems quickly and effectively. Price Communications can help with this, too.

When you contact one of your voice or data carriers regarding a problem with your system, the report opened on their end is referred to as a trouble ticket. Our goal is to make sure your trouble ticket remains a priority and moves through the escalation process as quickly as possible. It is essential that you maintain as much control as possible when you have an open trouble ticket.

Again, our contacts in the industry will allow your open tickets to get in the hands of a carrier representative who will actually address the problem. We leverage our existing relationships with the carriers to get you timely service.