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Telecommunications Assessment

Data Solutions

Provision of bandwidth – the key to your company’s connection to the rest of the world – is becoming an increasingly competitive market. Whether it’s creating a wide area network for your VPN, linking hundreds of sites together in a traditional frame relay network or just needing a dedicated Internet T-1, these data connections are the veins and arteries that deliver your companies lifeblood. These vital services are more important than ever and the options available are changing constantly. Bandwidth overcapacity and competitive pressures within the industry are yielding intriguing options and greater flexibility among the telecom carriers.

Industry experts agree that, within this climate, knowledge of tariffs, competitive pricing options and differing service offerings is essential. Price Communications has that expertise.


As with our approach to the rest of your communications needs, Price Communications is unbiased in its search for your bandwidth solutions. We allow you to take advantage of the assets of a variety of providers, big and small, local and global, all through a single point of contact. And, as with our other solutions, this may be done at no cost to you.

Our search for your bandwidth solutions will begin the same way as the rest of our services, with a review of your existing systems and an understanding of your goals. We will then provide you with a thorough solution complete with price quotes from all the possible carriers that service your location. Price Communications will also help you identify and take advantage of existing discounts and special offers. Though we will assist you in discovering bandwidth solutions, Price Communications is not in the business of reselling bandwidth; you will still be a direct customer of the carrier(s).

Price Communications can also help you with the design of your network, another area that can increase the speed and efficiency of your connection. Once you have chosen a carrier or carriers, we assist in ordering, provisioning and installing the service. Price Communications then continues to service your account, serving as a liaison between you and the carrier.

Price Communications can help you decide what level of service is best for you and how to get that service at the best price. We can find competitive rates for dedicated Internet connectivity (from T1 to OC48), Private line Frame Relay, or ATM. No matter your level of technological need, we help you control the process from the beginning (a quote request) to the end (customer service, billing and auditing).

The Right Infrastructure

Many companies operate with voice and data equipment that was not designed to handle the needs they now face. Price Communications can assess all of your equipment, from phone systems to routers, and determine where replacements or upgrades are in your company’s best interest. We can also advise you on the most suitable equipment, and from where it can be acquired.

Alternately, our assessment of your system could help you determine that an overhaul of your equipment is not necessary, thereby saving your company substantial development costs.

Voice Solutions

Even with the advent of the Internet and e-mail, the role of voice communications in the business environment is unquestioned. Reliable quality voice services have been the stalwart of communications for over 100 years.

The date revolution has expanded the range of voice services that are available and the competitive marketplace has driven down voice pricing dramatically. New technologies and new applications are two areas where we focus our attention when evaluating voice services for our clients. A partial list of services we evaluate includes: