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Focusing on Your Needs

Price Communication’s position as a telecommunications consulting firm places us in an ideal position to best serve our clients and focus on their needs.

Unbiased Opinions

We’re able to offer you first-hand unbiased information on everything from products and services to carrier reliability. We’re “carrier agnostic” which means you can count on us for unfiltered information.


We deliver full and complete solutions, even if that means that your company will require the services of multiple carriers to fully meet your needs. Our focus is on serving our customers and meeting their individualized needs, not forcing a square peg into a round hole.​

Customer Service

We recognize that the commoditization of some carrier services has had the same effect on carrier customer service performance. Our personalized approach to customer service allows us to serve our customers as they expect to be served. With a 98% retention record of our clients, we firmly believe we have been able to differentiate ourselves by our commitment to provide our clients with a better customer service experience than they would be able to receive elsewhere.

Compensation Structure

In some cases, Price Communications is compensated directly by the carriers on a residual basis for retaining your account and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Your organization receives the enhanced benefit of working with telecommunication’s professionals to assist with contract negotiations with multiple carriers, network design and implementation, billing auditing and resolution, with ongoing customer service and support.

Assessment, Research…and Solutions

Upon becoming your telecommunications partner, Price Communications Consultants will first perform a thorough audit of your existing voice and data communications systems.

What carriers are you using for specific needs? Are they the best option in each case? Can these same requirements be met in a less costly manner? Is there new technology available that may be of use to your organization?


Price Communications will work with you to answer all of these questions. In some instances, your current carriers may provide the perfect solutions…we will never recommend unnecessary service changes. In many cases, however, there are solutions that are more advanced, more streamlined or simply more cost-effective.

Upon determining your specific needs, Price Communications will offer detailed recommendations of the best carriers and technologies for your company. Our custom solutions will focus on the following areas:


By partnering with Price Communications your expenses are reduced and your reliability is increased; while allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than dealing with vendor issues.